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Donceles 28

Donceles 64 is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Cancun, located between the fancy Puerto Cancun and Puerto Juarez which until few years ago was mostly inhabited by fisherman.

The first time we had with the neighborhood was in 2013 documenting “D1”, also the first intervention of Juan O´Gorman and Juan Carral. That time we had less than 72 hours to scout, record, and edit a video that was presented at the Viena Biennale as part of this project.

From that time we never left really left, collaborating with different architecture firms, NGOs, opening a burrito hub, and eventually moving there.


El primer encuentro que tuvimos con la colonia Donceles 64 fue en 2013 cuando realizamos un video descriptivo de “D1” la primera intervención de Juan O´Gorman y Juan Carral en la colonia. Esa ves tuvimos menos de 48hrs para grabar y editar el video que acompañó este proyecto en la Bienal de Venecia.

A partir de entonces hemos documentado el barrio intermitentemente para estudios de Arquitectura, Asociaciones Civiles y de manera personal.